Hi. I'm


My goal is to learn all about the universe, and make it an amazing place to live. I enjoy solving puzzles, playing piano, going on hikes, and binging Wikipedia.

I'm always down to meet new people and go on adventures, so if you want to say hi please email me(but don't spam me)@derikk.com!


Cavendish Labs

A research laboratory in Vermont, addressing threats like strong AI and pandemics.


A simple spaced-repetition program with questions generated automatically from formulas.


A startup I co-founded with Andrew to simplify the web presences of Lexington businesses and organizations.

LHS Science

A hub for young science learners in Lexington, with a bookstore and summer program.


A data-based matchmaking service for LHS students. Programmed in Rails.


An automated foosball table that tracks the ball and spins rods to (hopefully) score goals.

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What I'm up to

I'm working at Cavendish Labs in Cavendish, Vermont! If this sounds like something you're interested in, you can apply to be a visting scholar.

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