Hi. I'm


I'm a student who loves learning about the universe. I enjoy solving puzzles, playing piano, going on hikes, and binging Wikipedia.

I'm always down to meet new people and go on adventures, so if you want to say hi please email me(but don't spam me)@derikk.com!


Cavendish Labs

A research laboratory coming soon to Vermont, addressing threats like strong AI and pandemics.


A startup I co-founded with Andrew to simplify the web presences of Lexington businesses and organizations.


A hub for young science learners in Lexington, complete with a wiki, bookstore, and summer program.


A data-based matchmaking service for LHS students. Programmed in Rails.


An automated foosball table that tracks the ball and spins rods to (hopefully) score goals.


A cryptocurrency that lets you bet on snow days while heating your home!

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What I'm up to

I'm doing research with Stuart Geman on neural net architectures and helping to prepare notes for a course on probabilities in quantum mechanics. Also, I'm trying to make my way through Gödel, Escher, Bach — or at least the first few chapters of it.

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